TheTorrents’s List of the 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites in 2023 *

In 2023, YTS is still at the top of the list, despite the fact that the website and its users have been the targets of many legal actions over the course of the past few years.

The primary YTS domain name continues to receive millions of unique visits every single day. When you take into account that the website exclusively lists movie torrents, you can see what an accomplishment this is.

The list of prominent torrent sites that is updated annually includes several well-known businesses, and this year’s list includes some noteworthy newcomers. and are the names of the two websites that have just joined the competition.

The two newcomers have taken the position of TorrentGalaxy and LimeTorrents, which can still be accessed online but have been overtaken in terms of traffic. If we were required to identify a pattern, we would highlight the fact that, in relative terms, the popularity of specialised websites is growing.

We have restricted the list to only include English-language torrent sites. As a result, websites with large traffic such as,,, and are not included on the list, despite the fact that they provide torrents in the English language.

In conclusion, it is essential to emphasise that the yearly ranking is derived from individual domain names. If proxy sites and alternative domains were considered, The Pirate Bay and other sites like it would have a better ranking.

The complete list of the top 10 torrent site domains in terms of visitor traffic at the beginning of the new year can be seen below. The ranking was compiled using many different traffic reports. It is important to bear in mind that this list is being compiled as a historical record in order to monitor the growth in popularity of these websites over time.

We do not advocate or promote the use of any of these websites, so please do not visit them. At the very least inadvertently, some are known to connect to harmful advertisements. The BitTorrent protocol in and of itself is not unlawful, but users may only transfer content if they have received authorization from the owner of the content.

1. is the unofficial successor to the defunct YTS or YIFY group, which ceased operations a few years ago. YTS and YIFY no longer exist.

Throughout the course of the last several years, YTS has been the subject of multiple legal actions in the United States. The operator consented to provide over user data to rightsholders and signed a consent judgement as part of the process. As a direct consequence of this, a number of users of YTS have been served with settlement demands or have been sued instead.

2. 1337x

In the year 2023, 1337x will still be ranked in the top three. It differs from other websites in that it has a committed community of content uploaders and bots that publish new material on a regular basis.

1337x provides users with access to a broad selection of torrents. After the dispute described above, the website decided to prohibit official YTS release downloads.


The popular torrent website NYAA has been resurrected as the popular website The torrent service continues to fare well, moving up two spots compared to the same time period the previous year. This is despite the fact that there is severe competition from rival pirate streaming sites.


Throughout the course of the past year, RARBG has maintained its previous level. The website can be accessed through a variety of well-known domain names, but only the one that receives the greatest volume of visitors will be included on this list. RARBG is a website that was established in 2008 and is known for its high-quality video release offerings.

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has now been removed from the top three most visited websites despite having held those rankings for well over a decade. The website continues to attract a huge number of users in spite of certain technological challenges and the occurrence of intermittent outages.

The Pirate Bay is still active from its original domain, which, but it is also accessible through a large number of proxies. Nevertheless, registrations for the site are still unavailable, and commenting is not enabled at this time.

6. FitGirl Repacks

There is no way to classify FitGirl Repacks as a typical torrent website. It is the domain of a well-known “lady” who is known for releasing cracked versions of famous games in a streamlined form. This helps to reduce download times to a minimal.

We had an interview with FitGirl in the year 2020. FitGirl publishes torrents on other websites as well, but their own website also provides magnet links, which is why we have included their website in our list.

7. Skidrow & RELOADED

Both Skidrow and RELOADED are legendary game-cracking ensembles in their own right. This most certainly acted as a source of motivation for the individuals who operate, which is a website in the manner of a blog that features new releases of popular games.

The Twitter account associated with the website has been suspended, but the website domain itself is still accessible online and has broken into the top 10 for the first time this year.


Another website that focuses on gaming has made its way into this year’s Top 10 thanks to the success of IGG-Games. IGG-Games, on the other hand, is not a newcomer; the website has been in the news on many times and is continuing to make its way up the ranks.

9. is a controversial TV-torrent distribution group that stole the EZTV brand from the original group, which was forced to shut down shortly after the hijacking took place.

The site still receives a reasonable amount of traffic, but it is certainly suffering as a result of the proliferation of illegal streaming websites.


TorrentGalaxy is a very new torrent site, having just been launched a little more than four years ago. It also has an engaged community as well as a hardworking group of uploaders. TorrentGalaxy not only allows users to download files through torrent, but it also lets them broadcast certain releases.






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